Bologna Technopole

Bologna Technopole “Rita Levi-Montalcini”, Ozzano dell’Emilia

Our Technopole hosts research, innovation and development activities in connection with the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna region.

Together with the other Technopoles created on a regional basis, it is an important  hub within the innovation ecosystem that is now consolidating as a result of a medium-term strategy supported by significant public investments.

Our Technopole is the seat of the IRET Foundation laboratories, the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research, Life Sciences and Technologies for Health of the University of Bologna, and the Operational Unit of Translational Medicine. It also hosts the social enterprise TransMed Research s.r.l., an assay center certified by the Ministry of Health for “Good Laboratory Practice”.

Following the outcome of the POR FESR Emilia Romagna 2014/2020 call, Axis 1 – Research and Innovation, Action 1.2.1, Eng. Paolo Celli has been appointed Manager of the Technopole.

The Technopole project is financed by PR-FESR Emilia-Romagna 2021-2027, Priority 1 – Action 1.1.7, D.G.R. no. 2060/2022

tecnopolo Ozzano

Via Tolara di Sopra, 41/E
40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia – BO

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